We have various ways in which people can get involved in the life of the Church.  These include:

  • Joining us for worship – gathering with others who are working out how to live the faith in their day to day lives
  • Helping within the liturgy (leading prayers, serving, reading)
  • Offering care and support to members of our community – visiting people at home or in hospital – what we call pastoral care
  • Helping with morning tea each Sunday and helping with hospitality in other ways
  • Being ‘sidespeople’ – those who welcome visitors to services and hand out orders of service
  • Gardening: we have a great garden space which is used by many people who want a quiet space to sit for awhile
  • Volunteers who help with office tasks, cleaning, flower arranging, maintenance and music
  • and all sorts of other things!

Interested in getting involved? Contact your local warden or talk to any of the people at your Centre. We would love to hear from you!