A JOINT MESSAGE FOR THE PROTECTION OF CREATION from Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Interested people can read the whole of the document from which Sally Shaw read some extracts on Sunday 3 October at St Ann’s.

If you missed Peter Chapman’s message at St Ann’s on March 6 2021, he has now recorded it – so you can now catch up. It was very profound and worthwhile.

If you missed last Sunday’s Afternoon of Song at St Ann’s, you can enjoy it here, on the Around the Traps page.

If you would like to watch the Pentecost Service from her church in the UK (please note that the volume is quite low – you will have to adjust your volume for viewing):

The video of the cruise can now be viewed on the Around the Traps page. Have a look.

Various activities have many photos and sometimes video – which can be found on the new “Around the Traps” page.

Check it out! And if something notable has happened around your church, send photos, etc, to Lorraine.

Did you miss the service? Catch up here: